Corona Express : An Essay on Time Travel

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An important and well-formulated lesson in what it is possible to know about what we dont know. This is a gem which frightens a little, and inspires a great deal. MICAEL DAHLEN, Professor, Stockholm School of Economics

How the pandemic became a time machine. We have been thrust into a radically digitalized future. But in other areas, such as poverty and international trade, we have stepped back in time. Our social habits have been transformed and even our language has changed.

In the international bestseller Urban Express, authors Kjell A. Nordström and Per Schlingmann identified expanding cities and women as the key agents of change in our time. But the pandemic has triggered an array of forces which will change the rules of the game for individuals, companies and society as a whole. Which of these changes will last and which will fade away as the pandemic recedes? And how can we make the most of the opportunities which arise?

Kjell A. Nordström, Ph.D, is an adviser to global enterprises and a well-known speaker and economist. He has a background as a researcher at the Stockholm School of Economics, specializing in International Business.

Per Schlingmann is an entrepreneur and author, previously known as the leading political strategist in Sweden.


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