Resolving Yesterday - English edition

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Stress and trauma affects everyone: In the wake of pandemics and climate change, in armed conflict, genocide and natural disasters. First responders and humitarian autreachers are exposed to the risk of being traumatized by proximity. Contrary to the belief that trauma or stress can be chronic, our message is this:
Healing is Possible.

This is a book about Emotional First Aid. It is based upon our experiences of working with survivors over 10 years in 30 countries.

Learn how emotional and post-traumatic stress can manifest, and the physical and psychological symtoms it can lead to. We offer a handful of First Aid techniques to heal these symptoms, our main one being the Trauma Tapping Technique or "TTT". You will also learn Havening, breathing techniques as well as how to offer help.

Techniques like the Trauma Tapping Technique are easy enough to be learned by children, powerful enough to astound doctors and counselors and capable of providing permanent relief for long-term survivors of trauma. Read the testimonies and discover the science.



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